About Us

About Us

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Medekip, Hospital Equipment, Refrigeration Systems, Morgue Systems and Laundry Equipment.

It also provides services in these sectors with its project, sales, assembly, maintenance and after-sales service departmen

Medekip is in a structure that produces, researches and develops using innovative and advanced technology in its sector and serves to deliver the product it produces to its users in the best way. We continue to progress on this path we started with the importance we give to human life and the motivation we get from the lives we touch.

Our Production Areas:


  • Stainless Hospital Equipment
  • Gynecological Delivery and Examination Table
  • Sterilizer Trolleys
  • Industrial Kitchen Devices and Equipment
  • Cooling Systems, Refrigerators
  • Morgue and Blood Storage Cabinets
  • Fume Hoods
  • Laundry Equipment

Special designs and productions can be made in line with the customer's request.

Medekip Medical

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Our excellent team is ready to be a part of your team with its wide and high quality product range.