Fume Furnace

Product Detail

Medekip Fume Hoods remove gases such as acid vapor, heat, process aroma and harmful air formed in the working area in laboratories. It is designed to be thrown into the external environment. It does this with a chimney system with high suction power.

Gas tap, sink and basin mixer to be used in necessary situations in the work cabinet of the fume hoodexists.

The fume hood works with 220 Wolt city mains electricity.

The windshield of the device has the feature of moving up and down and can be fixed at the desired point.

There is lighting inside the device.The floor of the fume hood is optional; Industrial ceramic, trespa toplab, anti-acid ceramic with tpoxy joint or 316 quality stainlessIt is produced from steel.

It can be manufactured in different sizes and colors in accordance with the architecture of your laboratory.

It is made of AISI 304 quality 18/8 CrNi stainless steel.

Production is carried out in accordance with the prepared architectural projects.

MED 1685-1688